Love Truth Chinese Mennonite Church (LTCMC) is committed to exalting the triune God; edifying Christians to grow more maturely; equipping believers in becoming disciples of Jesus and willing to serve humbly; evangelizing to the community; and testifying God’s love and truth to the nonbelievers.


To provide a biblical church atmosphere which is depicted in Revelation 3:7-13, reminding believers to respond to the words Christ said to the church in Philadelphia.


Love Truth Chinese Mennonite Church (LTCMC) started with a vision that Reverend Lemuel So had from God. The Church was established on January 1, 1989 but it wasn’t until August 16th, under God’s leading and calling that four core families began to meet. Their first meeting place was held in the basement of the United Christ Church on Sunday afternoons. With God’s grace and dedication from brothers and sisters, we were able to purchase our current building located in the Olney section of North Philadelphia. Our first service held in the new building began on January 1, 1992.

LTCMC is under the Department of Local Ministry Development in the region of Lancaster Mennonite Church. We carry on this historical heritage in full to evangelize widely, to equip believers with love and encourage holistic caring for its ministry until the Lord comes again.