Pastor Albert Chan

Pastor Albert Chan陳偉權牧師1987年畢業於建道神學院,隨後在香港植堂及牧養教會。2002年完成教牧學博士課程後舉家移民美國,在美國教會事奉七年。蒙神帶領,他於2009年3月到滿地可華人浸信會事奉九年,並於2018年8月返回美國,在費城華人門諾會愛理堂事奉至今。陳牧師與師母胡景為育有二子女:子軒及穎嫺。

Rev. Dr. Albert Chan graduated at Alliance Bible Seminary in 1987 in Hong Kong. Afterwards, he engaged in church planting and served in Hong Kong. He and his family immigrated to the US after he had finished his Doctor of Ministry course in 2002. While serving in the US, where he had served for 7 years, God called him to come to Canada and he started to serve in Montreal Chinese Baptist Church in March 2009 for nine years. With God’s leading, he came back to Philadelphia, US to serve in Love Truth Chinese Mennonite Church starting from August, 2018 till now. Rev and Mrs Chan have a son, Tony and a daughter, Apple.